Xplore was founded by Ritu Jain, in Wilmette IL when she was asked by child’s school to create an after school Bollywood club. She realized that the community is very interested in programs that introduce children to cultures and traditions of various countries. Xplore was founded with a mission to introduce enrichment programs (dance, art, music and drama) for young children with a global flair.

Our signature Xplore Around the World Series which includes Dance around the World, Art around the World, Legos around the World and Music Around the World is based on native dance, art and music forms of India, mexico, African countries, Russia and many many more.

Xplore Around the World
Xplore now extends the opportunity to share its innovative and exciting programs to the broader community. We are seeking individuals who are motivated and committed to providing a stimulating educational environment to young children through our programs

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