Science & Engineering Classes

Young Inventors

Have you ever thought of creating an invention? Something that could do your homework for you, or even help you find a new way of making something you own even better?

Learn what it takes to solve a seemingly overwhelming problem using your wits, creativity, and ability to put the pieces together. In this hands-on workshop, students combine observation with a newfound familiarity with the scientific method to discover the inventor within.

-- Learn to create a flotation device that can save lives
-- Devise a bridge that can withstand crushing under its own weight
-- Learn about electricity
-- Make a robotic arm
-- Build a gliders, balloon cars and self propelled racers.

There are no limits as to what an inventive mind can conceive. Join us for this fun and innovative class and who may even be able to triumph in the famous "Egg-Drop" contest.


Have you ever seen a car lifted into the air at an auto repair place? Have you ever wondered how an elevator can lift a load of people up into the air?

In this fun science class students learn to explore and utilize water power that is derived from the force of moving water. They then learn about engineering design process to use hydraulics to convert to & fro motion on a syringe to rotational motion of wheels and other components. They apply their learnings in building create cool projects like hydraulic bridges, fleet of water powered vehicles, robotic arms, fork lift, judo bots, hydraulic elevator system and so much more.

Edible Chemistry

Did you know your kitchen is really a chemistry lab?

In this course, young learners explore and unravel the mysteries of food preparation through chemistry and human biology. Students employ hypothesis testing, create and record chemical reactions and observe how many foods we love are a result of scientific processes at work. Kitchen chemists learn about physical and chemical reactions, how they happen and how they affect us.

-- Make edible slime
-- Learn phases of moon using oreos
-- Build DNA structures
-- Experiment with electricity and fruit powered battery And so much more !!!!

Young children are genuinely inquisitive; these experiments and activities are designed to interest and excite them.

Crazy Crashing Chemistry

Boom! Crash! Bang! Splat!

These are the sounds you will hear in this explosively exciting class. Join us eachweek as we create kooky chemical reactions that are always a blast!
-- Make your own splashing geyser
-- Erupt a volcano
-- Encase your friends in gigantic soap bubbles
-- Write and decipher secret messages
-- Make water dissappear

Sometimes science can be a little messy. But that is whatmakes it so fun...