Science FOR Girls

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer, recently mentioned that of the 35 kids in a Stanford technology camp for young children, only five were girls. Of those five girls, Sandberg herself had enrolled two of them (her niece and her niece's friend).

Only 13% of high school girls say STEM to be their first career choice.

At Xplore we strive to expose young girls to STEM. Engaging girls in STEM at an early age is essential to closing the gender divide, particularly in more technical areas of STEM, such as engineering and sciences.
Science and technology are and will continue to be important factors in what we are able to accomplish in our lifetimes. At our STEM Science programs, Xplore teachers reach out to elementary and middle school girls to offer hands-on, fun projects to create interest in engineering and sciences. Engineering challenges like egg drop enriches and extends their understanding of concepts.

Xplore STEM for girls offers three programs to suit the needs of elementary and middle school age girls:

Sparkly Scientists

Whoever said science is only for boys hasn’t paid much attention to history! This program is based on the women who have changed the world of science and their various achievements. Each week, we will learn about famous female scientists, then try our hands at experiments based on their accomplishments.

STEM Science Fairy

Fairy tales capture the imaginations of children around the world. In this class we recreate some magical moments from these stories through the lens of science.

GoldieBlox Engineers

Make a difference in a girl’s life by introducing her to engineering. Lets use the fun fascinating stories and educational Goldie Blox toys to explore the world of zip lines, spinning rotators , dunk tank and simple machines.