ZAPP App Design & Develop

Discover the thrill of creating your own app!

One of the best ways to get a child excited is to allow them to create something from scratch to finish. In this class, we will learn to build apps using fundamental coding concepts in a fun visual software.

Students will learn programming skills and be able to integrate features like animation, cameras texting, accelerometer, text to speech & google maps to build fully functional apps.
You can even put your apps in the Play Store and share with friends and family. It’s a great way to get kids psyched about learning cool STEM skills.


1. Kids work with an advanced technology cloud based platform that’s intuitive and easy to use. The web based platform can be accessed at home too. No software needed.
2. Learning doesn't end when the class does, as lesson plans and projects will be available to view online.
3. Connect your phone/tablet to your browser and as you’re developing actually see your app running live on your phone
4. Every class has a distinct objective and outcome, so your future computer whiz will work toward a goal and feel a great sense of accomplishment!

During each session, students will:

Learn how to create characters, animations, sounds and special effects using an intuitive, web based development platform.
Develop small applications which will be the foundation to create a final app that he or she can share with friend and family.
Experiment and troubleshoot their programming project, developing important problem solving, logic and computational skills.
Collaborate with other kids to challenge and learn from each other — making friends along the way.
At the end of each coding class, your child enjoys a wrap-up activity to reinforce the skills he or she learned that day. Plus, you also get a link to the projects completed by your child, so you can see and share his or her amazing work with friends and family!

Building apps is a great way to build life-long impact with 21st century skills in a fun, cool way!